We're Tunetradr

We value both the relationship with our artists, as well as providing them with the best possible service for releasing their music, above anything else. That’s why we take the time to understand what’s important and make sure that their music gets out there exactly how they want it. 

Why choose us?

Tunetradr is the simple, professional and totally free way to get your music online worldwide where and how you want to. But that’s not all…


With Tunetradr you have complete control

Maintain 100% Ownership. Switch between our flexible plans for the best option at any time. Chose where and when your music is published. 


We cover over 95% of the digital music market

We work with the top services around the world to ensure that your music can be heard everywhere, no matter how people are listening. 


We help creators go further on YouTube as an official partner

We work with YouTube to empower creators and drive their channels with increased engagement, revenues, and help them to build a bigger audience as part of a community with over 200 million views a month.