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Get your Music On Amazon’s Playlist

Have you ever listened to a playlist on Amazon Songs and wondered how you might add your own music to the mix? With Amazon Music’s New Release Pitch Tool for Artists, you can now!

Artists can now pitch their music directly to Amazon’s playlist curators. If your music is approved, Amazon’s playlist editorial staff will add it to playlists that are similar to its genre or style. This tool alone has the potential to expose your song to thousands of people!

What are some of the advantages of submitting my song to Amazon Music?

The main benefit of pitching to Amazon Song is getting your music on playlists with a lot of new listeners, but it’s not the only one.
Your existing fans and followers will receive the following when you pitch Amazon Music for a playlist consideration:
• Activity updates on their Amazon for Music app feed
• Mobile push notifications to their smartphone
• Alexa alerts and prompts if they want your music
So pitching for placement on Amazon’s playlists isn’t the only option. Even if your song isn’t chosen by the curators, the information you provide and the metadata inherent in your track assist Amazon in determining where and when to play it.

What is the best way to pitch my song to an Amazon playlist?

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to validate your artist profile on Amazon Music for Artists.
Follow these steps to pitch your song once you’ve been verified on Amazon Music for Artists:
1. Select “New Releases” in the Amazon Music for Artists app.
2. Decide on a song.
3. Pitch your music. This covers details such as why listeners will enjoy the song, the genre, and whether or not the song has lyrics.
4. You can also include optional information that will aid Amazon in determining where your music should be placed if it is picked. This covers information such as who you sound like, where your biggest fan base is located, the mood your music suits, and how you would characterize it.
5. Check your information before submitting the song.

What songs are eligible for a playlist consideration?

To pitch your song to Amazon Music, it must meet the following requirements:
• Brand new (cannot have been previously released)
• Only one track per release (if it’s an EP or album, you can only submit one song from it)
• Streaming rights distributed by Amazon Music (make sure you select streaming when submitting your submission for distribution)
• It must be pitched within 14 days of the release date.
And that’s all there is to it! Have a new song you’d like to add to a playlist? Now is the time to log in to your Amazon Music for Artists account and submit your song for consideration!

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