Returns & Refund
There aren’t
any returns and refunds on the services offered by us

Refunds (if applicable)

A refund will happen just in case of your uploaded song doesn’t pass our Quality Check test. during this case, you’ll be notified about the uploaded content failing our Quality Check and also the amount will be refunded to you within 7-8 days

A refund can be asked via mail till your song status is processing, QC Pending, QC Approved. Once your song status changes to Completed we won’t be able to offer a refund.

We will refund the total amount just in case your song isn’t live on any platform within 15 days of upload.

We will refund your amout if we’ll takedown your song from our end.

Refunds are also offered if there are defects but there aren’t any refunds on subscriptions that have concluded.


We will not refund the song in case of

-Forced takedown by uploader

-Takedown by the third party in case of infringement of rights

-Takedown in case of unauthorized upload or upload of the cover song without having appropriate rights