Our Story

Tunetradr started operations in 2020 and has a catalogue of more than 10,000 tracks in all languages and genres.

Originating in India, our journey has led us to ascend as the premier digital music distributor within the nation.

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Fatest Uploading music to all stores, Less turn around time

Dedicated Team

At Dedicated, we are more than just a music distribution team.

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We are ready to respond to your inquiries, concerns, and needs in real-time.

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Our objective is to empower artists of all scales, granting them equal opportunities To Grow

Tunetradr Records is the first Indian organization to offer a comprehensive content distribution solution tailored for the digital entertainment era. Our mission is to empower independent artists, groups, and small or local businesses, helping them shine and promote their talent globally, free from societal hesitation or myths.

Supported by Green Hill Records, a leading name in India's entertainment industry, we provide a complete and economical framework for our artists. This allows them to engage directly with the music and entertainment industry, benefiting from expert guidance.

Understanding Our Brand Name

Tunetradr is a music-born brand, our name itself is made of two core elements in music: धुन & व्यापारी

tune/धुन - In music, a "tune" refers to a melody or a sequence of musical notes that are perceived as a single entity. A tune is often catchy and easily recognizable, forming the main theme of a piece of music. It is the part that is typically sung or played repeatedly, and it is what listeners often remember and hum along to. 

tradr/व्यापारी - In the context of a music record label or film distributor, a "tradr" refers to an entity or individual involved in the buying, selling, and distribution of music or film content. They facilitate the exchange and promotion of creative works between artists, producers, and consumers, often handling licensing, marketing, and sales to ensure the content reaches a wide audience.


Indian music record label, film production and music distribution company

Founded on October 19, 2020. Primarily known for Bollywood music soundtracks and Hip-Hop Rap music.

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Tunetradr is the fastest growing music distribution company in India.