Alvi Or Pathan Ke Chore
Alvi Or Pathan Ke Chore

Tunetradr Records Presents (Official Video) of Alvi Or Pathan Ke Chore an Electrifying Fusion of Rhythms and Lyrics That Will Have You Dancing from Start to Finish

The music scene is about to experience a seismic shift as Tunetradr Records unveils their latest masterpiece, a high-energy Indipop anthem titled “Alvi Or Pathan Ke Chore.” Brace yourselves for a musical extravaganza that promises to set your feet tapping and your spirits soaring!

Song Title: Alvi Or Pathan Ke Chore

Genre: Indipop/Energetic

Music by: Prod. DP

Vocals by: Ak Ainul, Lanper

Lyrics by: Ak Ainul, Lanper

Composer : Ak Ainul

Music On: Tunetradr Records

Mix Master: 0TazerMusic0

Project by : Tunetradr Records

A Video: Ashif842

Director: Ashif842

Online promotions : Green Hill Records & Tunetradr Records

Design : Ashif842

Label: Tunetradr Records


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