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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tunetradr?

Tunetradr is an end-to-end platform that monetizes content and handles its own supply chain, distribution, data pipelines, complex rights management, and payments. 

Tunetradr Record Label, doing business as Tunetradr Records, is an Indian music record label, film production and music distribution company founded on October 19, 2020. It is primarily known for Bollywood music soundtracks and Hip-Hop Rap music. 

How do I use Tunetradr?

The process of uploading to Tunetradr is pretty straightforward. After creating a Tunetradr account, simply utilise your Tunetradr login and access the site. Then, upload your music and artwork, enter the details of your release, select which stores you want to distribute to and boom! 

Delivering your music to TikTok?

Opting-in for delivery to TikTok adds your music to the catalog of sounds available for users to embed in short-form mobile videos. These agile, creative, music-centric video clips help artists promote their songs, discover new fans, and interact with a global audience one clip at a time!

OK, so how will my music get on TikTok?

You can add TikTok as a store for music delivery when submitting new releases for distribution! 

How do I know if my tracks are eligible?

Any tracks that are eligible for Automated Claiming are eligible for TikTok. A release must only contain tracks that are opted-in for automated claiming to be sent to TikTok.

If your multi-track release has one song that is ineligible for automated claiming, then the whole release will not be delivered to TikTok. In order to send your eligible songs to TikTok, you can create a new release with only eligible tracks to distribute exclusively to TikTok.

Do I get paid for music usage in TikTok?

Not yet, but it will be coming soon! What we do know is that payment will be based on how many different videos use your music, not only how many views any individual video generated.

How soon will my music be available on TikTok and how can I find it?

After we review and approve your release for distribution, delivery typically takes 48-72 hours to go live on stores. When searching for your music on TikTok, use both the track title + artist name and remember that new songs will appear at the bottom of the search.

Once my music is available on TikTok, how do people add it to their videos?

Users will be able to select a 15-second snippet of the 30-second sample clip for their videos. To add a song clip to a video a TikTok user can record a live video, assign music by clicking ‘Sounds’ at the top of the screen, and then trim and attach your song’s audio file to match to their video.

What if I don’t want my music on TikTok?

Simply don’t select TikTok in the stores for delivery when submitting your release to the music stores and it will not be distributed there.

What Is a Sound-Alike?

A sound-alike is a cover song so similar to the original, that the average listener would have a hard time telling the original and cover apart. Tunetradr does not distribute sound-alike content

Here’s Why:

  • If we can’t tell your version from the original, we don’t know if you are using audio you may not have rights to.
  • We don’t want to distribute something that would cause confusion for customers and problems for you. We want to be sure your music is available everywhere, and not removed from a store for a rules violation.

Our review team decides whether something is sound-alike by asking a simple question:

Is there a difference in style, instrumentation, or vocals so that we can tell this is not the original recording?

Important note: This question is asked for both the vocals and backing track / instrumental. This is to be sure the song as a whole is an original cover and not just the vocals. 

What about tempo or key?

We cannot accept change in tempo or key only as proof a title is not a sound-alike. Now, we’re not talking about stylistic tempo changes throughout the song or changing a song originally in a major key to a minor key. These fall under “difference in style” above. What we’re talking about here is the change in sound when you upload the original track and speed it up or slow it down in audio editing software.

When in doubt, put your style into your cover song. Not only will that stop you from running into issues with sound-alike content, but it will help you build a fan base dedicated to your unique sound.

Artist Roles?

You can select which artist roles for any and all of your tracks that we deliver to Spotify. 

We deliver this information on all new releases. We cannot retroactively add the roles to titles that have already been distributed.

Here is a list of definitions:

  • Primary – The main artist that is performing on the track/album.
  • Featuring – The artist who is a guest feature on the track/album.
  • Composer – The person who contributed to the music.
  • Lyricist – The writer of the words. 
  • Producer – The person/s in charge of a recording session, or the person/s who create the musical tracks that support the vocals. 
  • Remixer – Someone who creates a new sound-recording by using elements from pre-existing tracks. 
How do I get an Official Artist Channel on Youtube?

To get an Official Artist Channel, you will need to meet the below requirements outlined by Youtube.

– Own and operate a YouTube channel that represents one artist or band
– Have at least 3 official releases on YouTube delivered and distributed by a music distributor or label
– Have no policy violations on your channel
– Tunetradr must claim at least one video as an art track or music video

If you meet these requirements and would like to request an Official Artist Channel, please reach out to Tunetradr Support with the URL to your Vevo, YouTube, and Topic channel, and we will formally make the request on your behalf.

Please note, YouTube estimates new OAC’s can take up to 2 months to complete.

What is tunetradr's support email?

Tunetradr support email:- [email protected]

Do we will get any royalties with free plan?

No, You will not get royalties in free plan , if you want your songs royalties choose a premium plan

What are the official email id's of tunetradr?

Tunetradr Official mail id’s:-

support:- [email protected]

moderation email:- [email protected]

finance support:- [email protected]

youtube issues:- [email protected]

How much time does it take for a song to be live after uploading?

If You choose free plan then it will take 7-14 days working days

if you have used double scoop premium  then it will take 6-13 working days

and if use have used quadra scoop deluxe 

Are the DSP directly collaborating with you or through a third party?

We are associated with all the stores directly and no third party is involved with us. 

How many days does it take to receive the royalties?

The payment is updated after every 6 months. (Only for premium users)

What happens after I uploaded my release?

You will receive an email telling you that we have successfully received your release. We review the music, metadata and artwork. We will contact you if we have any questions. We need to follow this process to make sure we meet the strict guidelines set on us by the music stores.

Can I make changes after an upload?


Can i takedown my release after it goes live?


And if you want to takedown your release on unforseen circumstances (such as sudden rights issues)  then you can takedown release with a charge of 15$ per Release.

we have introduce this because “once a release has been delivered to the Stores, especially after the release date, implementing changes/takedown is a costly and lengthy process”. 


It is unclear to us why many of these changes are required. You’d think that releases are meticulously prepared and thought through. Take our own release planning guidelines for instance. Surely, if you follow these steps and consider the time and effort involved in perfecting your release and the stakes in marketing the end result, the release should be 100% correct when you deliver it to us, right? 

What should I provide if Tunetradr asks me to produce supporting documentation regarding my rights?

When Tunetradr asks you for supporting documentation, please provide any and all agreements that prove your ownership or control of the content in question. These types of agreements should typically include the names of the contracting parties, the effective date, the specific content subject to the agreement, the term of the agreement, the rights that are being granted (including whether those rights are on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis) and should be signed by all parties. Unfortunately, a copyright or P.R.O. (Performing Rights Organization) registration does not qualify as sufficient supporting documentation. Our legal and rights management teams will review your documentation on a case-by-case basis. 

How do I get started?

We strive to provide our creators with the highest quality of service possible, so access to Tunetradr’s services is by invitation only. The fastest way to receive an invitation to Tunetradr is by a referral from our existing clients. Alternatively, you may request an invite by filling out this form.

Please note that multiple submissions will not be considered; please only submit one application. We will only reach out if accepted.

What Is Eligible for Automated Claiming?

Tunetradr can deliver and monitor the use of your music on social media platforms via Automated Claiming. When your music is shared on these platforms, you’ll get exposure and ad revenue!The current social media platforms we deliver to are Facebook/Instagram and TikTok. In order to take advantage of this tool, however, the sounds that you use in your music must be exclusive to your track. Any sound recording that contains non-exclusive sounds will be ineligible. Additionally, we can only approve musical content for Automated Claiming.

Not Eligible for Automated Claiming


Tracks that contain non-exclusive elements such as:

  • Classical music recordings of compositions in the public domain
  • DJ sets, continuous mixes, or other similar compilations
  • Karaoke recordings
  • Meditation, yoga, or sleep music
  • Production loops (such as those from Garage Band and other royalty-free samples)
  • Soundbeds (the basic sonic landscapes to which all other layers are added)
  • Sound effects and any Creative Commons Licensed sounds (including white noise)
  • Sound-alikes

Non-musical content

Examples of non-musical content include (but are not limited to):

  • Ambient sound recordings
  • Audiobooks
  • Comedy recordings
  • Film recordings (that are not the musical score to a film)
  • Nature or wildlife recordings
  • Podcasts
  • Prayer recordings
  • Speeches
  • Spoken word recordings

As with all content uploaded to Tunetradr, approval is contingent upon accordance with our Usage Guidelines and Terms of Service.

Accepted Art / Audio Formats?


We recommend a WAV file in stereo, 44.1 kHz sample rate, and 16bit.

While our uploader may accept MP3 files with up to 24 bit / 96kHz encoding, we recommend 16 bit / 44.1kHz. If you receive an error that your MP3 file “isn’t a MP3 file”, it’s likely that it needs to be reprocessed to these specifications.

You must also submit full tracks and must not cut off abruptly. We do not deliver single-track releases that are less than 30 seconds.


Your cover art must be in the following format:

Requirements and Specs


  • File format: JPG 
  • Color space: RGB
  • highly recommend: 3000 x 3000 pixels.
  • Square image: width and height must be the same.
  • Images may not contain more than 50 megapixels or be larger than 10 Mb.
  • Your image cannot be stretched, upscaled, or appear to be low-resolution.


Artwork Guidelines (also known as: follow or you’ll get rejected)


  • The information on your cover art must match your release title and artist name. 
  • Artwork must not include a barcode or a QR code.
  • Website addresses, social media links and contact information are not permitted on album artwork.
  • Your cover art may not include sexually explicit imagery.
  • You may not use a third-party logo or trademark without the expressed written permission from the trademark holder.
  • Your cover art cannot have the word “EP” if it does not fall under the EP guidelines. 
Categorizing Your Release: Single vs. EP vs Album?

The release’s content (i.e. how many tracks, how long are the songs, etc.), helps music stores categorize it as a singleEP, or an album.

Before adding “EP” to your release title (and artwork), be sure to double-check that your release qualifies as such.

Our approval team will review content to make sure it matches the label as a single, EP, or an album based on how many tracks are on the project, and the total run time.


  • Releases that meet the requirements below will automatically be designated as a single.
  • The release is one to three (1-3) tracks.
  • The entire release is 30 minutes or less and all individual tracks are less than 10 minutes.


  • Releases that meet the requirements below will be identified as an EP.
  • The release has a total of one to three (1-3) tracks, one or more of the tracks is/are 10 minutes or longer and the entire release is less than 30 minutes.
  • The release has a total of four to six (4-6) tracks and the entire release is less than 30 minutes.


  • Releases with seven (7) tracks or more will automatically be logged as an Album in both Apple and Spotify.
What is the maximum and minimum track length required for distribution?
  1. Songs less than 30 seconds will not receive payouts from streaming platforms.
  2. The average track length on an album cannot be less than one minute.
  3. The maximum track length on a release via Tunetradr is around 12 minutes.
  4. There is no maximum amount of tracks to place on an album, but we recommend capping your album at 25 tracks.